Free Bridge

By Galen Deery and Andrew Foley
Painted steel, 2017
Created by high school students, Free Bridge is a sculpture of steel legs holding up a pivoting disk, displayed on the Karl Stirner Arts Trail in Easton, Pennsylvania.

The gridded support of the bridge and ironwork is referenced in the steel legs that form the support legs for the work. The profile of the bridge is not evident until sunlight rakes across the top of the sculpture, revealing the profile of this historic bridge as a shadow is cast down on the pivoting disk below.

The Lafayette Experience program invited Easton artist Ken Kewley to guide Easton and Phillipsburg high school students through a workshop to create interpretations of iconic architecture in the region. Deery and Foley chose the Easton-Phillipsburg “free bridge” as the subject. Other pieces from the workshop were exhibited on the trail temporarily.