Our Supporters

We thank the donors who have supported the Karl Stirner Arts Trail in 2023 and/or 2024. Those who have donated in 2024 are indicated with an asterisk. (Learn about giving to the Pathways to Creativity Annual Fund and becoming a member of the Red Arch Society.)

Aardvark Sports Shop
AccuCare Chiropractic
Amy Boccadoro
Antonakos Foundation* — KSAT Partner
A.P. Kirby Jr. Foundation
Barbara Klein Moyer
Bi-State Construction Co., Inc.
Brown-Daub Foundation* — Red Arch Society member: Leader
Bush Family Charitable Fund
Caroline and Thomas Evans
Carolyn Hill
Christine and Tony D’Angelo
Cindy & Michael Seligmann
Debra & Robert McCall
Dominic Trabosci*
Dorothy Joseph
Ed Shaughnessy* — Red Arch Society member: Sustainer
Easton Main Street Initiative
Easton Outdoor Co.
Emil Lukas
Erin Gruver, in honor of Monica Seligmann
George Ball
Gladstone “Fluney” Hutchinson
Harmony Animal Hospital
Helmer Company
Hof & Reid
Integrated Automotive Services
Jacqueline Matthews
Jane McAteer
Jim Toia
John Meier
Lehigh Valley Health Network
Louise Gilbert
Lynn Schoof
Marshall and Kay Wolff
Melissa Ginocchio
Melissa Starace
Michiko Okaya* — KSAT Supporter
Monica Seligmann
Nancy & Jim Handzo
Patricia Swift Fulton, in memory of John McCurdy
Patrick Caubel*
Patrick Dooley
Pedro Barbeito
Rachel and Bill Carr
Raymond Ulmer
Rizz Containers
RMG Insurance
Rosemary Baker
Rosie Abbey-Magyar
Rutler Screen Printing
Shannon Ziemba
State Farm
Stephanie Hayes*
St. Luke’s Hospital
Suzanne Sullivan
The Kennons
The Lee and Peter Fund
The Third Barn
Theresa Hogan
Timmerman Equipment
Unity Bank* — KSAT Partner
Vitale Insurance
VM Development* — KSAT Partner
Wallace Foundation Special Projects Fund
William Hübscher