Young Masters Wall

The Young Masters Wall is a rotating installation along the Karl Stirner Arts Trail. At nearly 5 feet high and 80 feet long, the wall is located near the 13th Street entrance of the Karl Stirner Arts Trail. Beginning in 2012, young artists – from ages 4 to 70 – have painted in the gold “frames” along the wall. 

The artists are presented with a theme for inspiration with prompts from a YMW instructor, such as “What do you love about Easton?” or “Paint a message of hope.” Initially, the participants plan their ideas by sketching on paper.  Later on, the group meets at the Wall, and we provide paints, brushes, and more to supply the artists for their creations. Often groups of 2-4 people will paint an image together due to the limited number of frames (12) and space. When completed, the outdoor exhibit remains for walkers, runners, and visitors of all kinds to come down and enjoy!

The Boys and Girls Club of Easton, the Spring Garden Day Care, and the Easton Area Community Center were the first groups of young artists to paint on the wall. Soon the paintings gained interest from Cub Scouts, local high school students, Lafayette College’s Beginning Painting Classes, home-schooled students, and residents of Easton’s Safe Harbor Shelter.The Karl Stirner Trail values the participation of these groups and individuals, especially through their enjoyment of planning and painting on the YMW.  As the wall has evolved, “Young” became redefined. 

This weather dependent activity typically occurs between April and November, with each group installation on view for 4-6 weeks. The masterpieces are later painted over by the next group with the 12 gold frames ready for another exhibit of artistic expression. 


We photograph the paintings and put the images on Facebook and other social media platforms. Please check-in regularly for updates or tag your photos of these outdoor works of art on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #YMW @ksartstrail.