Beth Seetch

Funeral, Spray paint on tunnel ceiling and walls, 2016

Beth Seetch, poetry, walls, karl stirner arts trail, easton, pennsylvania, arts, funeral, cemetery, easton, historic, west ward, uptown, lafayette

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Beth Seetch now resides in Easton, Pennsylvania. Seetch is a writer, editor, poet, and book artist. She collaborates with visual artists. She was awarded a Pennsylvania Council of the Arts Literature
Fellowship. Inspired by wall poem projects in Charlotte, North Carolina and in Leiden, Netherlands, Seetch expects “Funeral” as the first of many poems to be painted on walls, doors and sidewalks locally.
This specific poem mentions bent corner boxes, a technique in wood box-making that she first became acquainted with on a trip to Oregon’s indigenous communities.
The setting of the tunnel between the cemetery and the stream is well suited for these words. Students of the Lafayette College Experience program installed the poem on the tunnel.