Devin Feely

Electric, Paint and Marker on electrical box, 2016


Devin Feely works on his art while meditating. He is interested in what is created in the moments between mindfulness and relaxation of the mind. Feely almost never plans his work: he begins with a line and lets that line
and his surrounding environment decide how the piece develops. While drawing, he listens to music. The music directly impacts his process, resulting, for example, in a straight line often representing a sustained note of an instrument or a voice.
“Electric” focuses on the disturbing presence of a manmade infrastructure in nature. Often such structures are hidden or camouflaged by park planners, with the intent of not imposing on the experience of nature. In contrast, “Electric” boldly draws attention to its presence and challenges visitors to the Trail to leave it behind and return to
focusing on the natural beauty of the Bushkill Creek and the Arts Trail.