This is a growing structure comprised of nine groups of three willow rods, planted by a circle of nine women.

The idea of creating a living willow structure was developed by the group after meeting several times to make process-oriented art. The sets of rods were planted where each person stood with hands joined, leaving a space for the individual who enters and so closes the circle.

The willows will continue to be shaped as they grow upwards and inwards. As the structure matures and forms, passersby will be invited to investigate and discover the fruits of the group’s journey.

The group continues to meet and make art together. The willows continue to grow and follow the light and find the water. The goal is to form a peaceful space for contemplation.

Photos by Charlotte Cary-Boothe

Photo by Marguerite Nicosia

Video: Romare Addison

The nine women behind the Living Willow Grove Project

  • Charlotte Cary-Boothe
  • Sally Alley
  • Marguerite Nicosia
  • Michele Szoka
  • Jenny Leggett
  • Kathlene Mobley
  • Virginie Gournet
  • Erika Mosser
  • Lynn Prior