Patricia Meyerowitz

Easton Ellipse, Stained Redwood, 1990

Patricia Meyerowitz, Easton Ellipse. Karl Stirner Arts Trail. Easton, PA. KSAT.

Patricia Meyerowitz was born in London, England in 1933. After attending school in Hertfordshire, she studied jewelry making at Central St. Martins London from 1956-1960. She wrote “Jewelry and Sculpture through
Unit Construction” in 1967. Her jewelry was included in a Smithsonian Institution Touring Exhibition in 1970/71 and in 1984 was featured at the Victoria and Albert Museum, in London.
Patricia and husband Jacob Meyerowitz, an artist and architect, moved to the United States in 1970, first living in SoHo, New York. In the 1990s the couple relocated to Easton, PA.
In addition to her jewelry, Meyerowitz sculpted in larger scale, in metal and wood. Her jewelry and sculptures are
visions of her own geometric constructionist ideas of form and proportion. Many of her inspirations came from the molecular structure of a virus.
She described her technique as ‘unit construction’ which combines similar parts into a larger whole, usually with pieces of wood such as the polished redwood like that of “Easton Ellipse.” This piece was purchased by the City
of Easton through the city and state grants.
“Easton Eclipse” was previously featured under the bridge along the Delaware River. Prior to placing the sculpture, restoration and repair was generously contributed by local sculptor Sandra Sajak and by Eisenhardt Mills of Forks Township.