Rachel Brooke Hayes

Sculptor Rachel Hayes fabricated Site Lines in 2018.

Her colorful compositions of construction mesh and nylon flag fabric, punctuate the landscape of the arts trail for more than 1.5 miles.

They are placed to highlight interesting points, and to long distances and keep the eyes searching while walking the trail. The individual components, which Rachel calls flutters are in various lengths and colors to create compositions and patterns throughout the trail.

The sculpture will inhabit the trail for the better part of 2018 and 2019, and when the work is removed, the fabric will be re-purposed into bags for residents of Easton’s area shelters.  The objectives of this fabric sculpture are to bring attention to the Trail as a park welcoming all people, as well as to attend to those in need through the reuse of the art project materials, becoming a full circle project. From community art to community function!
Hayes visited the trail in April 2018 upon the suggestion of Karen Bravin, member of KSAT Art Advisory Council.

Ron Morris and Ken Jones of Mercantile Home (downtown Easton, on Northampton Street) introduced Hayes to enthusiastic artists and artisans who were eager to help realize this project. Thanks to this rare  and amazing collaboration, the work will live on in many different ways for years  to come.

Find out more about Rachel Hayes on her website :  www.rachelbhayes.com