Stacy Levy

Stacy Levy, Bushkill Curtain, Easton, PA

Stacy Levy is a sculptor with a focus on environmental and ecological media. She completed her formal art studies at Yale University and Tyler School of Art at Temple University. Based in rural Pennsylvania her work has been commissioned in New York, Seattle, Philadelphia, Tampa, New Jersey, Canada and Niigata, Japan.

Levy reflects, “People often think that nature ends where the city begins. My projects are designed to allow a site within the built environment to tell its ecological story to the people that inhabit it. As a sculptor, my interest in the natural world rests both in art and science. I use art as a vehicle for translating the patterns and processes of the natural world.” Levy has explored the facets of water; urban watersheds, storm water, hydrologic patterns and water treatment. She works with architects – both building and landscape – horticulturalists, soil scientists and engineers to
create her art. She wishes the urban resident to be aware of the often hidden natural world that preceded the man-made structures of the City.

On the Karl Stirner Arts Trail, “Bushkill Curtain” emphasizes the currents and the water flow of the water as it flows below the building that spans its banks. The sculpture varies seasonally based on rain fall and flooding or
lowering of the water level.