Steps Along KSAT – Spring 2019

Steps Along KSAT Spring 2019

Gala Party Benefits KSAT: Easton’s Museum without Walls

Most galas have a red carpet but not “An Evening on the Trail,” the KSAT September 2018 fundraiser. “We didn’t have a red carpet—we had a giant red arch!” said Monica Seligmann, Event Chair and KSAT Board member. 

That night, 150 donors and friends of the Trail strolled through that iconic red sculpture, Arch, Untitled (Arch for the Karl Stirner Arts Trail) by Karl Stirner to enter the gala. The event had a magical, other-worldly aura, complete with artistically-lit sunfl ower-bedecked tents, Trail-themed cocktails and a farm-to-table dinner. The star of the show? The artwork lining the trail, dramatically spotlighted against the evening sky.

A highlight of the evening was the nail biter of an auction that had guests’ heads swiveling madly between two dueling bidders. At stake was a “tour for six” of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, personally led by its donor, Daniel H. Weiss, President and CEO of the Met, and KSAT Arts Advisory Council member. When the bidding reached its peak, Weiss dramatically offered to host two tours so both bidders could enjoy the hotly-contested prize—thus doubling the donations to KSAT.

An Evening on the Trail” also generated donations to the following ongoing goals:

  • Artist-designed benches 
  • Lighting for selected sculptures
  • Sculpture installations
  • Fitness trail sculptures
  • Movie nights
  • Young Masters Wall  program 
Thank you to our guests, our sponsors, and our benefit committee for making the evening such a success!
Sponsors: Arnhold Foundation, Bowls Foundation, Kennon Surveying Services, Inc., Coray and Cynthia Kirby, Lafayette Ambassador Bank, Lafayette College, Bruce Maggin, Dick and Mary Jane McAteer, Nurture Nature Center, Rose Wealth Advisors, Monica Seligmann and Chuck Peterson, Unity Bank, and VM Development Group

Benefit Committee: Oliver Andes, Mark Eyerly, Jeffrey Gilbert, Nancy Handzo, Mary Kennon, Donna Kneule, Susan Mangler, Richard McAteer, Phil Mitman, Suzanne Newhard, Gretchen Rice, Monica Seligmann, Jim Toia ◆

“ THE KARL STIRNER ARTS TRAIL is one of my favorite places in Easton because of the way it merges art and nature. The greatest joy the KSAT has brought me is the opportunity for my elementary art students to paint on the Young Masters Wall, building their confidence and teaching them the importance of getting their art out into the community. I am also lucky enough to live minutes from the trail, which has provided me a beautiful place for running and walking.”
Kailey Atkinson,
Easton Resident and Visual Arts Teacher for Easton Arts Academy Charter School

Fall’s Young Masters’ Wall Comes Alive 

On a damp, dreary gray Saturday morning in October, some colorful
activity was brewing at the entrance to the Karl Stirner Arts Trail. With brushes in hand and paint-filled palettes at the ready, 2nd, 4th and 5th graders from the Easton Arts Academy were painting their masterpiece within one of the Wall’s eight golden frames.
Four of Kailey Atkinson’s 2nd graders used travel postcards as their inspiration. Atkinson found some old postcards at a fl ea market and let the students choose one. The postcard
project synched up with a unit of the students’ English curriculum, which focused on the lost art of letter writing,
explained Atkinson. Fourth and 5th graders from Brittany Warner’s class
worked on original designs.
“This is what it’s all about—this is the moment,” said Danny Moyer, watching as the kids, supported by
their parents and family members, worked on their pieces. Moyer, the Young Masters’ Wall Coordinator, is a middle and high school art teacher in the Whitehall school district. ◆


Gift from George Ball: Pieces from Famed Sculptor Steve Tobin

Last year, George Ball, chairman and CEO of the W. Atlee Burpee Company, donated 11 sculptures by Steve Tobin valued at $1.7 million to the Karl Stirner Arts Trail Inc. Tobin, an early protégé of Karl Stirner, is best known for his Trinity Root, inspired by the fallen sycamore tree that shielded Trinity Chapel during the devastation on 9/11 in New York City. Appropriately, one of his sculptures now installed along the trail includes the bold red Late Bronze Root (2009), made from castings of a tree’s delicate root. Other Tobin works also echo natural formations, such as termite hills, sprouting plants, and germinating seeds.Mr. Ball’s generosity was honored as part of “An Evening on the Trail,” and during his address to the attendees, he spoke of his deep connection to the Trail and the importance of public art. ◆

Cold Moon, Warm Colors, Still Hearts: Winter Solstice 2018

The pictures tell the story…of how a group of intrepid revelers sang songs and celebrated the Winter Solstice on December 21st amidst Rachel Hayes’ still-bright banners. In the words of Peter and Randi Schmidt who led the celebration at 5:23 pm. “Candles marked the trail, carried lanterns lead the way, and local trumpeter Jeremy Joseph played taps, as the last moments of autumn faded away. Right on cue the full moon, known as the ‘cold moon’ as it heralds dropping temperatures, broke through thick clouds, illuminating the warm colors of Rachel’s textiles, (above) and the faces of the solstice celebrants whose hearts were left still by the magic of the moment.” ◆
Now, children and adults alike have the power to create music in a very simple way, opening up a new experience for many walking the Trail. “We wanted an element for our visitors that qualified as an artistic moment…available to anyone of any age or musical experience,” said Jim Toia, chair of the Karl Stirner Arts Trail Board, and Director of Lafayette’s Community-Based Learning. The musical path includes six sets of chimes. Four are arranged in half circles and tuned to complement one another. Two straight sets of chimes bookend the path. One (nearest the Dog Park) is tuned to play Beethoven’s “Für Elise” when you drag a stick over it. The other plays “Für Easton,” composed by music major Johnny Gossick ’18, which rearranges the notes of “Für Elise.” This project completes a design initiated by students in a 2015 Sustainable Solutions engineering class with Lafayette Professor Benjamin Cohen. Bethlehem Architect Joe Biondo collaborated with steel fabricators on the chime engineering and with Easton City Public Works on landscaping to complete the students’ concepts. Thank you also for support from Carpenter Technology. ◆

Runner’s Eye View:

Artful Dash 5K 1st Inaugural Run/Walk 58 runners—aged 9 to 75—gave KSAT their all on October 14, 2018

By Susan Heard, 47, College Hill

I’ve been running for about three years now and have raced every distance from
5K to marathon. My short runs are mostly on the KSAT, and the Artful Dash came along just when I needed
inspiration to continue training—I was hit by a car last May and fractured my
ankle. Recovery’s been frustrating but that beautiful trail always lifts my spirits.
The sidelines were crowded with people ready for fun and to support the runners. I loved the cheering as the final runner came in—the Easton Cheerleaders were terrific! The best part of the KSAT race is that it didn’t feel competitive (although plenty of fast runners competed—Ryan Epple ran the fastest men’s time at 0:18:36; Sarah Jones Fairchild was the fastest woman at 0:20:40).
I hope more people run the Artful Dash next year—the prizes were awesome! And supporting the community and KSAT, which makes our city sparkle even  righter, means a lot to me.
Thank you to 2018 Artful Dash Sponsors: Aardvark Sportshop, Easton Main Street, Easton Outdoor Company, Harmony Animal Hospital, Nike, OWowCow Creamery, PA Foot and Ankle, Rutlers Screen Printing, Salon at the Silk, and Walmart!
Kudos to Run Committee: Lynn Schoof (Chair), Amy Boccadoro, Adam Fairchild, Chrystall Jenkins, Katja Kruppe, and Josh Rea.
You can sign up for this year’s Artful Dash scheduled for October 13, 2019, at ◆

New Trail Maps!

The updated KSAT Artist and Sculpture Guide and Map, redesigned by Amy Boccadoro, is here! 

Download it on  Pick one up at Grand Eastonian, Silk Mill, Genesis Bicycles and wherever Karl Stirner Arts Trail Mix is sold! (Check our website for details)

Karl Stirner Arts TRAIL MIX

$10 for a 15 ounce box, available in 

Thank you to Easton businesses who are supporting this fundraiser :
◗ Al’s Cleaners
◗ Easton Outdoor Company
◗ Genesis Bicycle
◗ Giacomo’s on the Hill
◗ Green Harvest
◗ Integrated Auto Service
◗ Mercantile Home
◗ Nurture Nature
◗ Salon at the Silk
◗ Weyerbacher Brewery and
◗ Easton Wine Project

Banners Mark the Trail: Words and Images

Community, Art, Imagination, Nature, Green Museum, Stewardship, Explore…
these words are a snapshot of the mission of the KSAT. Easton photographers
Jerry Alan Twomey, Elizabeth Keegin Colley, Katja Kruppe and William
Peterson captured these words in images. The banners run along Bushkill Drive from North 3rd Street to the Blue Bridge.

BIG THINGS are on the Horizon for the KSAT in 2019

◗ Exciting new art installations including “Love Motel for Insects” by artist/
biologist/educator Brandon Ballengee
◗ Fall concert at The Musical Path by Larry Stockton’s Percussion Ensemble
◗ New plantings, enhanced signage, and improvements
to the nature trail trail head.
◗ Nature journaling station installation – Dedication April 6
◗ KSAT Cleanup – April 20
◗ Movies Along the Trail – June 15 and August 17
◗ 2nd Annual “Artful Dash 5K Run and Walk” – October 13

Dates and Details:, and FB @KarlStirnerArtsTrail

Steps along KSAT – Spring 2019

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