Taking ‘A Closer Look’ at KSAT

Melissa Starace, board chair of Karl Stirner Arts Trail Inc., sits in the studio of NPR radio station WDIY with Laurie Hackett, host of the A Closer Look program, and Tim Mulligan, president/CEO of Communities In Schools of Eastern Pennsylvania.

Melissa Starace (left), board chair of KSAT Inc., spoke with host Laurie Hackett on the A Closer Look program airing on local NPR radio station WDIY 88.1 on Monday. They discussed the Karl Stirner Arts Trail’s namesake and interconnectedness with different aspects of the community, as well as Starace’s personal inspirations and a favorite motivational quote. 

Grounding the KSAT in the context of Easton’s renaissance, Starace noted that it came about through the efforts of residents who wanted the area along Bushkill Creek to be more than just a regular trail.

“That’s where this idea of nature, art, the environment, health and wellness came together,” she said. “And really using the trail as a way to connect people, this interconnectedness we have, and civic dialogue. So when you think of the art, when you think of the meditation area, when you think of this trail and … the water, it allows us to bring our humanity together and really be as one with our surroundings.

“And the art as you go through the trail you’ll see really complements nature, the environment—there’s a lot of sustainability happening. And it’s just this amazing place that I think represents and captures the essence of Easton, and the citizens of Easton, and this environment that’s been around so much longer than us.”

The program also featured Tim Mulligan, president/CEO of the nonprofit Communities in Schools in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Listen to the episode of A Closer Look.