Living Willow Grove Project Taking New Shape

A group of leaning trees surround some pieces of stone in a circle on the ground comprise the Living Willow installation on the Karl Stirner Arts Trail in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Over the past year, you may have noticed a circle of willows growing right across the meadow near the dog park and labyrinth.

It’s part of the Living Willow Grove project.

Charlotte Cary-Boothe, one of the nine women behind the installation, talked about the project during a recent Easton Out Loud feature. Catch her segment below starting at 5:16 within this video narrated by KSAT board member Amy Boccadoro.

Despite recent delays due to COVID-19 restrictions, the group of women had a chance to come together and work on the project’s current shape. We are excited to see how this meditative space continues to shape and grow.

The group continues to meet and make art together. The willows continue to grow and follow the light and find the water. As in any collaboration we are following the journey, being open to what happens naturally and guiding the growth without knowing exactly where we will finish up.

The goal is to form a peaceful space, for contemplation.